What isReinvention World

The ReinventWorld (RW) initiative is a facility that will serve the public as an energy spark for positive change. Its main mission will be to help individuals who want to keep it, desire to grow it in, need to execute change, whereby everyone can make a difference and contribute to economic progress

What Will Be Done At The Website? The facility will help individuals who will be developing their ideas to promote world peace in assorted areas but will not be taking ownership of any of the missions. RW missions will be focused on helping individuals reduce criminal and unscrupulous activity worldwide, to improve conditions on our planet, and protecting its longevity. Short-term consulting services will be provided to RW users for a monthly fee based on their expressed needs.

Why is RW Important? RW recognizes that we have a social responsibility to use our experiences to improve our world, increase our standard of living, and to effect change for the common good. The agenda was developed to provide the most help to people who are living with exposure to suffering in various areas, that require attention and new strategic solutions. The mission was developed to recognize new event trends negatively impacting individuals, and to take targeted action to increase public awareness and help in these new areas.


We are always happy to hear from you

Empowerment of the RW Objectives – Empowerment of the people who are trying to fight the negative elements by providing them additional resources and support networks. RW will be assisting in the following areas:

  • International conflict
  • Distracted Driving
  • Mental Illness
  • Addictions, including technology and drugs
  • Racial and policing relations
  • Ethics in business
  • Anti-bullying
  • Orphanage reform
  • Animal welfare issues focused on crime reduction
  • Electronic crime
  • Environmental issues focused on toxic air, land, and water
  • Disaster relief
  • Global warming issues

How Will RW Consumers Be Helped? – RW will help better educate the public by assisting users in the development of their new missions and will connect them to resources who can help take their vision to the next level when they are ready to execute the steps to carry it out.

Help Through Professional Services and Non-Ownership – The individuals who use RW’s services will own their missions, and do what they want with them. They may become a business, and they may not. RW recognizes that change is necessary, and people often need help and don’t know where to go for it.

Website Development Financial Help Requested – RW respectfully is soliciting help from the public to empower the effort so the work resources required to set up the website are accelerated and place RW in a position to help people with their missions now.

Thank you for your time and attention, with our promise that RW will deliver value back to our public supporting these efforts.


Keith Jaskulski is a financial and business professional who has worked over 37 years across banking and financial services, including operating of a financial planning franchise. His background encompasses multiple fields in accounting, finance, economics, and real estate which extended across a 20 career in banking, 15 years in financial services, and now a third career level in the entertainment industry, still in development, focusing on the needs of consumers and on voids that exist creating barriers that prevent us enjoying a better society.

He is devoting current efforts to devising and implementing strategies to improve the ability to deal with negative forces in our world in order to create better working cultures. He is an aspiring philanthropist, and holds an MBA and MA in Economics from the University of Delaware, a CFP® through the Institute of Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards, Inc. and is a holder of the CLU CASL ChFC designations in financial planning through The American College of Bryn Mawr, PA.
He intends to devote support to causes that will promote the public good, and improve the level of equality globally in various areas, and is eagerly awaiting the privilege to help others craft their own visions and bring them to reality.

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