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What is my Story? – As a four decade worker and still pacing forward, I wanted to do something to help people that need a mentor on to help those who struggle with a need or desire to make a career change, but are afraid of entering long-term contracts or commitments. I have enjoyed the longevity of banking and financial services careers, and am working and reforming my third leg. Why have I done this? Everyone that works has a professional journey. I will be the first to admit that my path was unusual because of the decisions I made. I felt that I wanted to do something to stay involved with people who are dealing change issues in their work and want to have another mind to help out on the journeys.

Why Does Someone Make a Change? – This is no means an all-inclusive list, but some of the factors that I have encountered include:

• Exhausted with means
• Desire to do something different
• Capitalize positively on present situation
• Family lifestyle tradeoffs needs to be improved
• The people that are right for you come along
• You need more independence
• You may require a stronger working support system
• Skills are your Lifeline – They will make you or they will break you
• The writing is on the wall, and you are watching while another hand is scribbling on it.

What Were My Mistakes? – One of the past career mistakes I made after pursuing advanced education, was falling into the trap of not believing that you can progress again. Or that you do not need to advance your skills or knowledge base.

Falling into ‘The Trap’ – What I term ‘The Trap’ happens when you love your work, the people you are with, and what you are doing, if there is a longevity risk in your primary business. The result is you become very secure in your setting! Too secure! This type of setting can enable you to feel that everything is fine, during times that you actually need be hitting the pavement searching for your next phase! Once you do this, it is very easy to get trapped in any career situation. This can also happen by accident if you become entrenched dealing with others’ issues in your sphere of influence that cause you to feel too secure, and to stay longer in your environment than you should.

Why Should Career Changers Get a 2nd Opinion? – Everyone who wants to make a change in work or career, and needs some type of help. But these are the questions that you need to ask yourself –

• But where do you go for it?
• Can you afford it?
• Is it the correct type of professional?
• Is it someone you can trust?
• Can you trust a stranger (even if it is a good referral), with your situation and will they have their best interest? Or will you discover that they don’t?
• Are you worried because you have a complicated situation that you can’t figure it out, then a professional won’t be able to do it?

These are the real issues and concerns that I encountered, so I decided to set up a service designed just to service this segment of the public in an affordable manner. I am here to support YOU and your successful journey!


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