What isFinancial 2nd Consulting

Financial 2nd Opinion Consulting

I decided to turn in a mature financial business and decided to move in to pursue other businesses that I wanted to explore. However, one thing that nagged me that I did not feel right about, was all the people that liked consulting with me when they felt that they were not told the right thing that they needed to make a change. So after thinking more about seeing this problem continue across other consumers and contacts, I decided to put together my product so I could still service this segment, make contributions, and continue my field learning.

What types of individuals are this service designed for:

Individuals who are using financial professionals and don’t like what’s happening and need to obtain an objective 2nd opinion and take targeted action.

These individuals are either working with a financial advisory individual or group, who are encountering issues, or are not sure who to contact and need to make a change for the following reasons:

  • Value of services being received is not worth the costs being paid
  • Returns on investments are not consistent with your expectations.
  • Working harder and the situation is becoming more financially strained.
  • Major life event just occurred (death, divorce, new family addition, etc.), and need to examine working with another professional for personal reasons.
  • Recommendations by the current advisor are not suitable.
  • Advisor left firm and cannot work with him or her anymore, and are examining options.
  • Pressured to make fast decisions, but do not understand what is being implemented.
  • Like your current professional, but do not like the brand or company affiliation and want out.

Once short-term decision issues and to help guide them into the correct business partner to effectively address the change. This will enable the maximum flexibility to explore their issues before committing into longer-term contracts. This structure has been set up to provide the maximum flexibility to the client, with a focus to support the particular needs and decision making of the client.

And the correct solution maybe is not to make a change! But sometimes people have communication issues, and their understanding does not connect because they do not know what the right questions are to ask. So I my goal is to provide value and to fulfill this need.


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