What isInfluence Consulting

(Entrepreneurs and individuals starting in social media)

Product Description:  This service is being offered to help individuals who are not currently digital marketing, who need patience to guide them and provide instruction in key areas to avoid the various pitfalls.  Special focus will be provided on areas involving tactics that you can use to grow your ability to influence your targeted customers and to build your network from scratch.   It could be from any of the following situations:

  • An individual who is entering a job from a setting not involving the use of a computer or social media.
  • People engaged in the workforce who are not using social media, and need to get on it.
  • Individuals using social media but are not capturing the desired clients they are servicing.
  • Social media users who are looking to grow their influence in their field and need to advance in their social media and tactics that are being used.


What types of individuals is this service designed for:
Individuals are want to use social media and excel in it but are starting at a beginning level and need to receive patient instruction to learn as they are completing the steps.

This service is being offered to help people address major short-term decision issues, and to help guide them into the correct business partner to effectively address the change.   I decided to offer this service to the public because there are many coaches that over sell their price and term (both) and do perform the correct placement activity for the client.  This structure has been set up to provide the maximum flexibility to the client, with focus to support the particular needs and decision making of the client.

Fees – $1,000 upfront (unrefundable);


  • 3 month recommended engagement period
  • Optional opt-out after 1st month
  • Optionally renewable at $1,000 per month with continuation.

What you will get

  • Two 90 minute phone calls monthly.
  • Material – E-Book with strategies
  • Recommendation – I will assess your situation and devise an Action Plan, and examine the need for specialized resources.
  • Introductions – I will assist you in setting up introductions to people to work with you in targeted areas.
  • Optional renewability with continuation
  • Future engagements are welcome, but subject to renegotiation.


We are always happy to hear from you

You feel like you don’t understand your own social media networks? There may be just one issue or there may be several. I would love to help you figure that out.

Book your 45 minutes session with me for Influence Consulting!

  • Session length: 45 min
  • Price: $100.00

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